Shows sponsored by 

The International Ragdoll Cat Alliance:

March 5-6                            Project Meow Cat Show (Suffolk Community College                                                       Campus in Brentwood, NY).

July 16-17                             Buckeye Ohio Rollers Cat REGIONAL Cat Show

                                               (Secrest Auditorium in Zanesville,Ohio).

August 19-21                      Central Jersey Cat Fancy REGIONAL Cat Show (Plymouth                                                Meeting, PA).


CONTACT your TICA Ragdoll Breed Committee by writing a few sentence to each of them in order to voice your input on changing the Ragdoll Breed Standard to recognize all TICA REGISTERED RAGDOLLS for Championship status:

Chair: Amy Stadter                 [email protected]

Stormi Nell                             [email protected]

Alexandra Marinets               [email protected]

Roxann Stephens Vass          [email protected]

Judit Jozan                             [email protected]

Mary Riddell                         [email protected]

Dana Pendergraph                [email protected]

***Update your TICA Membership so you can vote in October of 2023 for a NEW Ragdoll Breed Committee that represents you. Your family members may ALSO register their Ragdolls and become voting members by filling out this same form. Be sure to SPECIFY that you are part of the Ragdoll Breed Section:

TICA Membership Form

Please add your information if you have and/or have been showing your cats in “New Traits” currently or over the past three years (or send your information via our "Contact Form"):

New Traits Advancement Form